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Premium SMS - The Latest Buzzword

Flourishing niche for short message services

Recently we have seen significant growth in usage of short message services. A recent survey suggests that about 73% of grown up Americans use text messaging. The survey suggests that Americans use SMS more than voice.. This trend offers numerous chances for mass SMS dealers.

With the rise of mass messaging, the abuse of this service has increased as well. There are common rules every business should follow in order to harness the strength of mass texting. Continue with the text if you want to learn more:

Text message Marketing: 6 SMS Campaigns Suggestions

1. Get Permission: Begin by having users to opt in. Getting your clients to approve receiving messaging using a keyword or web opt-in is crucial. Getting permission is one of the safest options to build a valuable bulk SMS database. Ensure greater conversion by simplifying the subscription process. And make certain they know how often to expect messages from you.

2. The shorter the code, the better: make it easy to remember. Your clients should be able to keep your short code in mind with no extra effort. It can be somewhat pricy for smaller companies to get short codes. You can find a non-competitive business and share the price of short codes.

3. Let your message be straightforward: All the details may not fit in a short message. Just make it clear what they get from your offer. Write simple and clear sentences and use familiar texting shortcuts.

4. Keep the message relevant: The relevancy factor cannot be over-emphasized. No matter how much time you spend into creating a compelling message, if your clients don't find the importance for themselves, they won't opt in. And that's when it is important to start segmenting and targeting end users. Consider the position of your target group within the whole demographic.

5. Keep it personal: SMS marketing presents a unique chance to build a long-lasting relationship with your customers via personalized messages. Using the subscriber's first name in your SMS message is an impressive way to make your customers feel necessary, special and valuable.

6. Send it at the right time: Your clients might let your text pass if they receive it at the wrong time. Send them your ad when you are more certain they will have the time to take notice. Are messages sent in early morning or late-night text effective? That depends on your target group. Continual testing for timing is an ideal way to find the "right" time.

Now let's summarize:

Mass messaging has proven to be very effective for local business. It is common to identify end users according to their location. Local businesses are most searched on mobile internet, as a Google report demonstrates. Create a more intimate relationship with your clients by giving them local and instant service.

Don't forget the larger picture.

Whenever firms send bulk SMS online it might not invariably lead to a transaction. Still, that is only a piece of the puzzle. Mass messaging marketing has more than one result: it generates leads, makes for a good PR channel, and serves for educating clients. Remember - Never lose focus of your reason for sending out an SMS.

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NTH customer relationship management – harness the strength of information

Years ago, NTH CRM was primarily oriented to value-added services. All the advantages of customer relationship management were administered entirely by mobile and voice channels and that did not agree with our business ideology.In other words, we insist onopening as many channels as possible so that we can engage more users, build tighter relationships, offer richer and better integrated services, and support profitable multichannel campaigns. There was a great need for the CRM system, as the central user-oriented product, to work with all the channels. Even though our CRM software constantly supported different sources of users’ information (such as mobile and voice services, mobile internet, mobile applications, web, external databases), we had to overcome lot of barriers to realize the entire momentum of all planned applications.
Information is the most important

Flexible attributes

In the new version we introduced a totally new concept of identifying end users. In place of using a simple telephone number for identification, we switched to more flexible approach. Now, a user can be determined by his or her e-mail address, Facebook ID, any type of user name, Skype name, ICQ number or all other unique denominators. It is possible to add a new type of identifier in accordance with current business needs. It is possible to add as many new attributes as you like.
We cautiously created the complete system that will anticipate possible scenarios which could create incongruities of customer relationship management information. Our system can automatically merge records of users with the same identifiers . This choice could be turned off by system admin. progressive algorithms control rigorously every piece of information that is received by the system and protect from data that has been falsely configured or is not legal.
It is the notion of convertible attributes that enables complete independence of communication channels. In the same database can be users of mobile services and users of our web sites. That ensures completeness which is very important when it comes to analytics and marketing. Adaptable attributes make an essential foundation for multi-channel marketing campaigns which should considerably cut back as well as result in profit growth.

Nokia Human Form "Dynamically Flexible" - The Future is Here

Nokia HumanForm is a visionary solution for a dynamically flexible device beyond touch screen and voice communication where technology is invisible and intuition takes over.

Natural interactions are enabled with a kinetic user interface.

Take a look:

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